How to Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Mileage

Improving gas mileage in your car is beneficial since you can go further without filling up the tank as often. There are tremendous amounts of cash you can save when you improve the gas mileage in the car, which isn’t as difficult as some would claim. How can you improve fuel economy in your car?

Schedule a Tune-Up

Once per year, take in the car to the local repair shop for preventative maintenance services. A tune-up prevents many problems the vehicle might otherwise experience. It keeps the vehicle running smoothly and free from issues that could cause breakdown.

Tire Pressure 101

The tires are an important part of the car. They ensure you roll to your destination safely. But, improper tire pressure is a problem that not only adds wear to the tires but also causes the fuel to drain out of your car at rapid rates. Check the tire pressure in the car before every trip to eliminate this problem.

Change the Oil

Oil changes are needed every 3,000 miles unless the car uses synthetic oil, in which the need changes to very 6,000 miles. The oil change protects the engine. It’s an important service you cannot go without.


Install a Fuel Air System

There are numerous components you can add to the vehicle that help improve fuel efficiency. Install a fass system and you are on the way to saving money on fuel and improving your vehicle’s operation.

Final Word

Saving money on gas is important. You also want to improve fuel economy to benefit the smooth operation and benefits of the vehicle. The tops above are among the many ways to improve fuel economy in your car. Use these ideas to your advantage and ensure your dollar runs farther.