Tips For Keeping Your Car From Being Towed Away

Your out to dinner and you are having a great time. The wine if flowing and the conversation can’t be stopped.  After paying the check you walk hand and hand out into the parking lot laughing and expecting to take the evening to the next level.  As you approach where you had your vehicle parked the sudden realization that it was towed away fills your mind.  That once beautiful evening has now turned into a major headache.  If this happens, a 10% senior citizen discount on auto services chicago il might not make everything better but it could help with the sting of getting your car back.

Watch where you park

The best course of action is to first watch where you park.  Most places in the area will have signs posted that will clearly state where you can and where you can’t park.  If you are unsure or want help, ask the people in the building you are parking at if it is a good place to park. 

Keep your cell phone with you

10% senior citizen discount on auto services chicago il

Never leave your cell phone or other valuables in your car.  If you find that your car was towed or moved you will have a way to contact the towing company.  Typically, a sign will be nearby that you can read or some type of markings down the road.  Use your phone to confirm that your car was towed and what you need to get it back.

With your valuables you never want to leave anything of great value in the car.  When your car is in someone else’s possession there is no proof that you had the item in the car or if someone stole it.  The burden of proof lies on you which doesn’t seem fair but is really the only way to handle the situation.